Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is so good to be back...

living by the ocean again! This past weekend we headed to Monastery Beach (monastery pictured above), which is part of Carmel River State Beach. It is beautiful.

There were several pretty paths winding down around the shore and cliffs.

The boys are thoroughly enjoying Papa time on the weekends. Jeremy is home so much more and we have time for fun outings such as this.

The flowers gave the ocean a bit of competition on this hike. Truly a pretty time of year here.

Charlie being goofy. Oh how he loves Dora. So much so, she needed to be in the picture too.

All of her.

We are having a blast exploring our new home and surroundings. Come join us any time!


gussiedz said...

Looks like a great area to explore. Can't wait to get there next week.

Kate said...

How wonderful, looks like you are all enjoying your new home. Very exciting!

Erin said...

So beautiful! You are making me want to take a road trip :)

TUTU Monkey said...

Oh my gosh...looks so pretty. We will be paying you a visit in July. Sarah and I are drivng to Washington State....over to Idaho and Montana.....and back. We would love to have a beach day with you and your boys...:)