Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

What? That's it? No more presents for me?
(Well, except that huge one behind you kiddo).

Maybe most kids have this expression, or this feeling, one Christmas or another
in their childhood.
I remember, quite well, my little brother having a similar reaction one Christmas.
Two minutes later his beautiful new bike was wheeled in from outside.

It's not quite the same, but I do tend to feel a let-down after Christmas.
I feel somewhat sad, not for what wasn't received or for what didn't happen,
but because it's over.

But, like that big present looming behind Kingsley, or
my brother's soon-to-be-revealed bike, I need to remember that
there is always more good to come.

Happy New Year!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, well

Well, well here we are again. I haven't documented much of our life lately, and the more I procrastinate the more overwhelming it becomes. It has been 6 months since we moved to Monterey County and our life is so full here. I really do love it. However, this means I need to be better about documenting, because there seems to be so much more of it to do. I'll try to catch up a little. I don't want to forget any of it.

Most recently, Kingsley has started preschool and loves it. He is lucky enough to attend with one of his best friends, Aiden (who lives across the street). Aiden, his big brother Cole (1st grader) and their cousin Ian (Kindergarten) show up at our house around 8 am and scramble around, check out toys, and play in the tents and closets. Once Aiden's Mom comes by with baby sister Siggy in tow (she's 3 weeks old!), the boys hurriedly find shoes and backpacks (and Charlie must be pried from breakfast) and we all walk to school. I love it. I love that we live in this neighborhood, with instant friends, with a beautiful school just around the block.

The only downer---and I knew enough to expect it---is the illness that often comes with the beginning of school, especially the early years. Kingsley has missed a full week of school this week (which is only two days for him, but still), not to mention 2 highly anticipated play dates. We have a tour of the Monterey Fire Station booked for tomorrow and I've been avoiding even mentioning it for fear that we won't be able to go. Oh the disappointment! Kingsley's reaction to not going to school and seeing friends is so much worse than any symptom he is experiencing--I am sure of it. I hope illness doesn't last too long, Kingsley's disappointment is truly heartbreaking. We will get back in the swing of things soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodbye Chargee

It's funny how some things, some moments, just slip away ever so quietly.

A couple of days ago Charlie stopped referring to himself as "Chargee".
He, all of a sudden, refers to himself as "Charwee".

When Charlie was an infant (and Kingsley the same age as Charlie is now), Kingsley would also call Charlie "Chargee".

I remember being sort of sad when he started to pronounce his brother's name correctly.

I am sad to say good-bye to "Chargee" once again, perhaps for good.

But we love "Charwee" too.

It's the little things, you know?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ice Cream...and New Friends!

In the past 6 weeks I have joined two local "Mom's groups".

A good thing indeed. We've had some fun outings and have met some great kids and Moms.

These pictures are from an ice cream social.

Ice cream, new friends, beautiful park, sunny day...
what could be better?

Hopefully soon, I can add some pictures of our new friends
(haven't asked permission yet, so these photos will have to do for now).

Oh yes, I must not forget our new family friend.
MC the Hammerhead Shark must go with us wherever we go.
Boy does he get the comments.

I am so happy to have found some active groups that schedule really fun, creative
outings for these little guys.

Its so nice to have some friends that we see on a regular basis and we really do thrive on more of a routine (all three of us).

I hope to post more about these outings and friends soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thistle Be Fun!

Well, well I have a lot of catching up to do.
We start with the weekend of May 15/16th.
We spent a day at the Castroville Artichoke Festival.
Castroville is just northwest of here and is considered the "Artichoke Center of the World".

So, we thought we better go check it out.
This is a post heavy with pictures, but I always post with the boys' grandparents in mind.
Plus, there was so much to do!

First, the parade!
Fabulous dancers in fabulous dress.

Kingsley's little bit 'o' heaven.
Lots of cars, lots of them.

I am beginning to realize that no festival around here is complete
without cowboys.

Dancing horses!
You should have seen some of these performers, so incredible!

Festival fun is never complete without jumpy houses.
Different jumpy houses for different ages and likes.

Mini-train ride.
A big hit.

Even though we are active members of the Children's Museum in Monterey,
the boys loved checking out their booth and activities. Some cool stuff!

Of course.

Festival music and dancing in the straw.

All done.

Kingsley's favorite car of the parade.

I did not take pictures of any artichokes!
In addition, I did not snap any pictures of the varied and creative (not to mention delicious)
ways in which artichokes were served and available for purchase.

We sampled deep-fried artichokes and an artichoke burrito which were heavenly.
We purchased 5 artichokes for $1 and sauteed some up for dinner.

A fun, and filling, day.

Oh yes, a word about the post title.
"Thistle be fun!" is the motto of the Artichoke Festival.
Artichokes are thistles, don't you know?
(I didn't.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love these two (crazy) boys...

...more than I ever thought possible.

(Kingsley on day 3 of wearing his Junior Conductor hat from National Train Day).