Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter

Our Easter Day:

Waking up to simple Easter baskets complete with pinwheels, kite and glider, and Easter sweets.

Pinwheel Dancing
(clothing optional).

Egg Hunting.

It was fun, really.

Charlie sharing his jellybean with the photographer.

Haircut time. Kingsley enjoys it so.
(Yes, that's chocolate on his face).

To the park to try out the glider.
Charlie's new haircut.

Good day.
We hope you had a good holiday too.

Our friend, Janis, had a GREAT day.
Congratulations to Janis, Tom, and big brother Jack!
Welcome to the world Baby Violet---an Easter baby!


Proud mommy of Two said...

Looks like you had a great Easter! The boys look so grown up i can't get over it. Miss you guys!

Janis said...

Thanks, Kelly! Love the before and after haircut shots - the boys look adorable with both long and short hair. We love you all! Violet wants to know when she can meet you. :)