Monday, March 22, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

New home: Calla lilies from the front porch.

Moving is rarely fun for most of us. In my case, I seem to go through a bit of a grieving stage each time we move. This period usually lasts a month, maybe two. It involves, of course, saying good-bye to friends and family, familiar places, favorite haunts, daily rhythms dictated by one's home and location (where the mail is delivered, for example). But it also means saying good-bye to the house we lived in...our home. We have never owned a home, and yet it has always been a little sad to say good-bye to the places we have called home, the places in which I tried to create a home. I suppose these last few moves were made more difficult due to having small children. Not so much the acts of packing and physically moving, but saying good-bye to places where milestones were reached. In our last home Charlie learned how to crawl and took his first steps. Kingsley transitioned from crib to bed and transitioned out of diapers.

So, as superficial as this post may seem, it is a tribute to the things I loved about our home in Hidden Valley Lake and some of the things I love about our new home. I am also fully aware that Goofball and Butterball may never have memories of either place---so why not jot some of this down?

Plus, part of the process of moving is not only saying good-bye to one's house, home, city and community, but also embracing one's new dwelling and surroundings.

More personal and person-filled posts to come....

New home: I am a sucker for six-paneled doors. One of those details that I think makes a big difference.

New home: I am very much loving our "spa" like master bath.

New home: I was tickled, yes tickled, to find this vanity in the guest (boys') bathroom. I love it. Complete with Lightning McQueen cup, of course.

New home: I love the stone floors and pattern. A bit cold, but easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

New home: I am enjoying the big kitchen, pretty granite counters---so easy to clean (recurring theme?).

New home: I LOVE the sink--stainless steel, big and deep and check out that faucet!

New home: I am still wondering who needs six burners, but I'm determined to use all of them (just maybe not all at once).

Previous home: The dining room's dark terracotta wall.

Previous home: Our deck, back yard and the skyline (last sunset before moving).

Previous home: The gorgeous sunsets beyond the hills and mountains (back yard view).

Previous home: The exterior detail, teal dots and trim. So long 19013.

Previous home: The stone path leading to our front door. Such a pretty detail.

Previous home: Stone detail continued into the drive way.

Previous home: Another view of the teal dots and trim.

Okay, I'm letting go now.


gussiedz said...

Wow, a six burner stove! I'll see if I can come up with a meal that uses all six. Guess it would have to be a 'six course' meal. Ha ha! Looking forward to our visit more each day. You always have a way of adding your own personal touches that have made all your houses, truly homes.

Janis said...

Your previous home was lovely, but I really like your new one! Especially because you're that much closer to us!