Monday, December 14, 2009

22 months

Almost 22 months

Almost 22 months

Charlie turned 22 months and one day today. Kingsley was 22 months and one day old on the day Charlie was born. I cannot even fathom welcoming another baby home at this time. I cannot even fathom the boys being introduced to a new baby right now---especially Charlie (wow, would that throw him for a loop).

I was discussing these thoughts with some friends of mine and they struck me as interesting enough (to me, anyways) to jot down.

Charlie seems so much younger and baby-like to me at this age (when compared to my memories of Kingsley). But, I know he is not. He is actually a little more advanced in some areas, mainly verbally (at this age anyways).

I think Charlie seems smaller because I cannot help but compare him to Kingsley---in the present, every day. Of course he looks and seems smaller.

I think Kingsley did not seem so small at 22 months of age because he was a first born child. By 22 months of age the first child starts resembling a little kid, shedding most of his/her "baby-ness". They seem so much bigger, they can do so much more, the child is talking and starting to string together sentences, the child is running, hopping, climbing the big kid play structures at the park, etc. By 22 months with Kingsley---he and I had been through so much!

Then, I look at pictures of Kingsley from around that time and I am surprised with how little he looks. I am even more surprised to realize, in retrospect, what a huge, drastic, confounding event Kingsley experienced at that age (bringing a new baby home). What a tough time that must have been and I think a tough age for such an upending to happen. Poor little guy--I'll have to be especially nice and attentive this week.

Things are pretty darn good now. Charlie continues to adore Kingsley. And Kingsley, I think he really loves having a little brother most of the time, a playmate, a buddy. The boys each ask after each other in the morning, each wanting to wake the other up (whether it be morning or after naps), they play well together, and they fight like two close brothers too (mostly over cars, go figure). They tattle on each other, help each other, make each other laugh, chase each other, hug and tickle each other, sing and dance together, and sometimes feed each other. Life is good, life is sweet.

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