Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thought I would add a picture of The Butterball (who we've been lovingly calling dumpling lately). He is such a happy boy---until he hits his limit of waking hours, which is driving me a bit mad. Today he napped for a total of ONE hour. I know, I know, there is so much to see, to do, to touch, to put in one's mouth. Sleep will come----much, much later apparently.

Today Charlie started the army crawl. I am so not ready for this. He got up on his arms and got up on his knees and scooted to his favorite toy just out of reach. He can also (and will) roll from one point to another even if point A and point B are the length of the room apart. He has also taken to babbling. He will say (with furrowed brow) bababababa or mamamamama, usually when he is upset and hungry. Almost like he is saying "how do you expect me to be happy for this long without feeding me?!" It is so cute to hear, even though I know he almost exclusively does this when he is mad. My little baby is growing up.

It is so nice to get out and about, for I invariably (is that the right word?) hear that Charlie is the happiest, most laid-back baby that the person has ever come across. This happens every time we go out. He is happy, and a bit of a flirt---just like Kingsley. I loved, loved Kingsley at this age---the age when we nicknamed him "The Mayor" because he had to greet everyone and all the little old ladies would pinch his rosy cheeks. I love this age---as my Mom calls it, "the golden months" (i.e., past the 3 month mark of colic, but before the baby is mobile). Charlie is very fun right now.

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