Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barf and Gratitude

Phew. Last week our family was hit with a stomach bug. Thank goodness this was only a 24 hour bug. How do parents cope with longer illnesses, I don't know. Kingsley was actually spared the whole ordeal (maybe his beloved role as "dirt boy" is really paying off?). Charlie got hit first on Monday. Then Tuesday it was me, which took me by surprise, as I usually don't even allow myself to *think* about getting sick. Thankfully Jeremy was home to care for the boys.

Just as my 24 hours was winding down, Jeremy gets a call from San Diego (a federal judge) ordering him to be in court by 9am Wednesday morning. What wonderful timing, but actually I was feeling much better by bedtime that night. By the time he returned home Thursday night, Jeremy was hit too. Factoring in his sleep deprivation from having to drive all night to San Diego, he was hit pretty hard.

Being sick is a drag. Being sick with sick kids is a real drag. But, last week also illuminated how lucky and blessed we are. How grateful I am that this was a short-lived bug and that we took turns getting sick. How grateful I am that Jeremy was HOME when I was sick. How wonderful that one child was spared. And the best of all....

..being sick made me realize that we had not been sick in over ONE YEAR. Maybe a phantom 24 hour fever, maybe a mild sniffle, but all-in-all we have not been sick at all this past year. I am sure that will all change once Kingsley enters the world of preschool, but for now I am incredibly grateful for our health. A true blessing.

Stay well!

No pictures this post---you didn't really want pictures did you?


Janis said...

I love the title and the labels of this post! I'm glad you're all feeling much better. Hope the move is going well.

TUTU Monkey said...

I am glad you are all feeling better. Those darn bugs!!