Friday, January 15, 2010

February 2009

February was a chilly, mostly rainy month. But, we were able to get outside for quite a few park outings. This is about the time that we abandoned the Baby Bjorn carrier for good. It served us well, but the jogging stroller was happy to find a lighter replacement for the time-being.

Of course, February was also the month that we celebrated Charlie's first birthday. A small affair (as was Kingsley's first), complete with balloons, cake, cupcakes (Kingsley's request "for his brother"), and lots of rain.

Good Morning Birthday Boy!

Charlie with his birthday cake.

The rest of February was spent participating in such activities as: banging on pots and pans, Charlie taking his balloons everywhere, and....

welcoming the beginnings of spring!


gussiedz said...

Can't get over how much Charlie has changed from a baby to a little boy. Of course trying to keep up with big brother Kingsley is a big motivator.

Kate said...

Love the balloon. So cute. Hard to believe that was almost a year ago, and now our babies are almost 2, eek!!!!