Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Pretty Good Day

A few weeks ago the family had a pretty good day. We slept in, we ate pancakes made by Papa. The boys got a haircut (Charlie's first!) and then a bath.

We drove to Calistoga (about an hour west, over the mountain pass, quite a few hair-pin turns). Kingsley got carsick for the first time. Poor chap, taking after his Mama---really not fair. Calistoga is a very cute, touristy town with a great park, a stream, and an icecream store. Perfect.

Then, we headed home, watched a movie, played with cars and Papa made his famous pizza (rolls the dough and everything). Really, a pretty good day.


Barley Family said...

I feel for you guys, I get car sick (air sick, sea sick, turn around too fast sick) too, It's a bummer!

How beautiful though! You are surrounded by such beauty :)

Nat said...

Beautiful boys! My husband gets sea sick and roller coaster sick. I get car sick. Poor Kingsley- slap that boy in the front seat as soon as he's big enough!

Janis said...

I get motion sick too. :( Poor Kingsley. I can't believe how grown-up they both look with their buzz cuts.

mrsmottz said...

I LOVE Calistoga! I have some fun family pictures from there! miss you guys!