Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Cheese

I was tagged by my friend Erin to stop everything I was doing and take a photo of myself right then and there and post it to my blog. Thanks a whole bunch Erin. :) I have been known to avoid these tags in the past for fear that the focus of this blog gets lost. The focus is Kingsley and Charlie, not me--their Mama. However, it really is difficult to separate us at this point, isn't it? Let's face it, whatever is going on with me very much affects them (right now).

So, I give you my picture. Taken at 11:15pm, me basking in the glow of the computer monitor with dish towel on shoulder----because I should be finishing cleaning the kitchen but, instead, I am looking at Erin's blog, and my other friends' blogs and Facebook and e-mail, etc. You get the drift. From somewhere between 9 pm and midnight is ME time. ME time unfairly includes kitchen duty, but also the bulk of my computer time, sometimes it is when I eat my dinner, it is often when I have a glass (or two) of wine, when I go through mail and catalogs, take out the garbage, fold laundry (an impossible task when the boys are awake), and get ready for bed. I should be sleeping during these hours, but I get a second wind once the boys are in bed. I become almost giddy with the prospect of ME time---but, you can't really detect giddiness in the picture.

I would also like to mention that I am again wearing my cream-colored cardigan in this picture. I have this same cardigan on in my profile picture and on a different profile picture on Facebook---the same sweater spanning a couple of years. My husband calls the sweater "The Biscuit" and it is not nicknamed lovingly. Perhaps too much information (as this is a family blog), but The Biscuit serves as a very effective form of birth control. But, I love it so. It is comfortable, goes with everything, washes well---and darn, it gets chilly in the evening (read: late at night) when I welcome atrophy after yet another physically-demanding day. Perhaps I should add shopping to my ME time list.

So, there you have it---a picture is worth a thousand words (give or take). I love my boys, but I love me some ME time too.

And now for the fun part----I am tagging the lovely and talented Janis, the beautiful and creative Melissa, and my lovely, talented, beautiful and creative cousin Kate.