Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing catch-up

Charlie learning to share

So, I have decided that in the next few posts I will be playing catch-up. So much has been going on the past couple of months and I feel the need to put it down in writing. Mostly I feel the need to do this for Kingsley's and Charlie's grandparents and far away family and friends. But, I know a lot of the desire to document our happenings is for my selfish reasons. I want to remember---especially all of the good.

Kingsley finds the water, and mud, wherever we go.

Charlie holding his own on park outings.
He is catching up to his big brother in the muddy laundry department.

For the most part, life in our neck of the woods is good. Currently it is rainy season, which (literally) puts a damper on things. My daily challenge lately is finding fun stuff to do despite all of this rain. I think I would actually prefer the cold winters of Wisconsin to this. Playing in snow is a lot more fun then playing in mud---but then again, I'm not a toddler- or preschooler-age boy. The daffodils and irises are blooming, as well as the fruit trees. And it is starting to look very green around here. Plus, we need the rain---the locals will soon remind me (and anyone who will listen) of the wild fires in this area last summer, right before we moved here. So, yes, rain is good. I'm just longing for a decent indoor play area like the many we enjoyed in San Diego.

Our pretty flowering tree off our back deck.
The sun finally making an appearance at sunset after a rainy day.

So, I'm including a few pictures of what we are doing NOW. Coming soon: Posts about Christmas,winter here, memorable outings, recent milestones and Charlie's first birthday.

Making cookies on a rainy afternoon (with leftover Christmas sprinkles and colored sugar).


my little buttercup said...

Look at Charile moving around. Miss you guys!

Proud mommy of Two said...

Thanks for the update. Oh what fun to splash and play in the puddles!! I can't get over that Charlie is now a toddler, and no longer a baby. Where does the time go? Miss you guys.