Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My!

I am excited. I am excited because I am his Mama. For the past four or five days, Charlie has stood on his own for ~5 seconds---a handful of times. Usually this occurs while he is engaged in discovering some new thing, like tinfoil or the garbage can. We catch him standing and oooh and ahhh, and he looks at us, gets that big, beautiful Charlie grin and then he laughs. He doesn't get excited until we get excited. This kid is so adorable, so happy. We're in love.

I hope this lasts for a little while. I am not ready for my baby to not be an infant anymore---not ready for him to be a toddler. No rush, baby---take your time. Although, I know you would love to learn how to get out of your steamroller brother's way---and how.

OK, so this picture is from Halloween--so what, its cute.


Ashley said...

He is so adorable Kelly, give him a big ol squeeze for me!

Saina said...

I so hear you, Kelly. Noah is in the same stage... He'll be walking soon, and while it's sad - it feels like his infant days have gone by so, so fast, I know he'll be excited to be able to keep up with Braiden.

Charlie and Noah sound alike in other ways too. Noah is such a happy and content baby, it amazes us every day!

TUTU Monkey said...

So cute!!!

Kate said...

I just want to pick him up and squeeze him! Pete is no where near standing on his own and I am okay with that. I too do not want him to leave this little baby stage, or spend my days chasing him around the house either, at least not yet. That time will come, but hopefully not for awhile. Pete latest trick is clapping and he gets the same excitement from it. So cute.

Alliegatorfables said...

I could just squeeze him and put him in my pocket-he is so cute.

my little buttercup said...

So cute,

This should be a weight watcher ad or something. Like, "see the devil made me do it!"

I love it.