Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008; Part deux

I thought I would add some pictures from Halloween as there seems to be a bit of trouble with viewing the scrap blog. We missed celebrating Halloween in San Diego very, very much for many reasons. One, we missed our good friends' big Halloween/Birthday bash in Chula Vista---something I look forward to all year. Happy Birthday Tristan (6 years old!), and Happy Birthday Emma (the big 3!). We miss you and hope you had a great party. Secondly, it rained (and I mean poured) from Thursday until yesterday. Thirdly, we missed out on our fabulous Moms' group Halloween party---which looked wickedly fun and very well-attended.

We stayed home and greeted trick-or-treaters (and had quite a few), dressed up, and ate some (quantity unspecified) candy. I had to take my wig and hat off because Charlie was freaking out and just beside himself (what happened to my Mama?). Kingsley was exactly the same way 2 years ago. Oh well, maybe in a couple of years Halloween will be really fun again, with dry weather, and the boys will WANT to dress up and won't care if I do.

Oh, and Kingsley was a pirate, although a very last-minute, find-what-you-can-around-the-house costume (sometimes those are the best though, no?). We went shopping a couple of times in the past few weeks and every time I tried to buy a costume, he would have a spectacular (spook-tacular?) two-year old tantrum, even throwing the costume out of the cart if I tried to put it in (that was the Fireman costume, which I thought he would *love*, since he's so into firetrucks and firemen right now). If we would have gone trick-or-treating, I was going to have him go as himself. Nothing scarier than a two-year old having a fit, I think.


TUTU Monkey said...

Oh my gosh.......so cute!! What a handsome ARG!!! pirate!! Love it....Charlie in the wig is too funny.

we missed you at the fab mom's party!!

Ashley said...

We missed you too!! Your boys are just too adorable kelly, I miss them so much!

Proud mommy of Two said...

I love the costumes!! And The picture with the wig is great! Good for you for going to vote!!