Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for so much---so much so that I thought I should jot it down. Plus, the boys (yes, ALL of the boys) were in bed by 8:15pm tonight and I am a bit lonely and my head swimming with what to do with this free time.

I am thankful for:
My God. I do not feel an affiliation (formal) to any organized religion (sorry Mom), but I am intensely spiritual. I speak and pray to God every day. I believe in a Higher Being, I feel like I am being guided and protected. I am thankful for this connection, for this peace, for the joy and love I feel. I am thankful for the beauty I see all around me, every day, even in the smallest of details.

I am thankful for:
My husband. We have been through so much together and through it all he makes me feel special, smart, beautiful and valuable. He is my best friend, my confidante. He is handsome, witty
and the brightest person I know. He is a brilliant attorney, a smashing father and the best-dressed man I have ever met. He has a wonderful calming effect on me, which is needed more than I like to admit. I feel so blessed to spend my life with this man.

I am thankful for:
My two beautiful boys! Are you kidding me? I feel so blessed to be a Mama. It is something I have always wanted to be. Though challenging and frustrating at times, this has been my favorite phase of my life so far. Every day my love grows for these incredible, wonderful, intriguing little human beings. And they are HEALTHY, they are BEAUTIFUL, they are HAPPY (for the most part) and LOVELY beyond words. I adore my sons.

I am thankful for:
Family, whom I miss very much. My heart aches around the holidays because I miss our family (mine and Jeremy's) so much. I love the din and warmth and swirl of chatter and children that comes with family celebrations. I miss you and I am so thankful for you. Especially my Mom and Dad.

I am thankful for:
Friends, many of whom I miss very much because now many are so far away. Lifelong friends, childhood friends, college friends, work friends, family friends, Mom friends, couple friends---the list could go on and on. Thank you for lifting me up when I needed it the most, for not judging me, for loving me for who I am and helping me be a better person.

I am thankful for:
The blessing of being able to be a stay-at-home Mom. Thank you Jeremy. Day in and day out (and no matter what I say at 7pm), there is no place I would rather be.

Not to be forgotten, I am thankful for:
My health
My body
My mind
My fabulous childhood (thank you Mom and Dad).
My education (thank you Uncle Eddie).
Never wanting for anything---a comfortable, cozy home; nice, functioning cars; all the baby gear to make being a Mama so much easier.

Wonderful in-laws---how lucky can a girl get when her husband's parents make her feel like their very own daughter? Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

An intact sense of humor!

Breastfeeding success this go-round---(this means more to me than I think anyone (save a handful of people) could ever understand--and that's OK). So, so thankful.

Next year I hope to be thankful for:
potty training success
daily (or every other day) showers
my baby saying the word "Mama"
more opportunities to visit family and friends
a place to settle
more date nights
lots more sleep (please)
some ME time
all of the above

And, I hope to tell you all, with much more frequency, just how thankful I really am. Peace.


TUTU Monkey said...

Thank was so nice Kelly......I am thankful we met you and your wonderful boys!!

Proud mommy of Two said...

What a great list of thankfuls! We are thankful to have you guys as well!! Miss you guys.

Kelly said...

Wow, you two actually read the whole darn thing? Then I truly am grateful for your friendships! I miss you both so much (and your beautiful kids).

Janis said...

Beautifully said, as always! My favorite part was the very last, which I also need to work on. I'm thankful to have met such a sweet and wonderful mama who can relate to my joys and challenges in raising my active, spirited boy. And someday (not any time soon!) I hope to share in the joys and challenges of having a mellow baby as well. :)

Kelly said...

Oh Janis--thank you. You always say just the right thing(s) to lift me up. I miss you and Jack-Jack more than I can say, more than I could ever put into words.

"Joys and challenges"---that sure is the best way to describe it, spot on!

April said...

Kelly you said it oh so well! I second those emotions. We miss you! Your boys are so handsome.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Saina said...

Oh, Kelly, that was so beautiful. We've got so much to be thankful for!! What a great reminder, and a great reflection around Thanksgiving...