Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's always something....

My lovely (truly) husband was nice enough to get Kingsley up and ready for the morning, as per usual on days he doesn't have to go in to work early. To his surprise he found our spirited boy covered in poo---and his crib, and his sheets, and his stuffed animals, floor, walls, you get the picture.

He had started making his usual morning noises and squeaks at about 8:15 am, but he was then quiet for a while so we were hoping he had fallen back asleep. We didn't hear any more noise until about 9am, so waited until then to get him up. Big Mistake.

Despite the initial gross-out factor (and the wonderful realization that this is how one's day is beginning), there are many blessings to be found in this scenario.

One: Thank goodness we have a nice backyard where we could hose and scrub the crib down.

Two: How blessed I am to have my own washer and dryer in the house for just such occasions.

Three: Jeremy was able to stay home and help clean everything, get Kingsley bathed, get Kingsley breakfast, help with the baby, etc. until order was restored.

Four: It is finally getting cool enough here at night that we can break out the sleepers. Ha ha.

Lessons learned:

One: Like my good friend, Janis, mentioned very recently----silence plus toddler usually equals mischief. And, oh how! No more trying to catch a few more winks in the am for this Mama. Which brings me to number two...

Two: Trying to catch up on sleep just ain't going to happen. I can sleep when I'm dead. Or, I can try to sleep when the boys are teenagers (any parent of a teenager --ever-- is probably laughing at that one). Or I can stop checking e-mail, blogging, etc. at night and go to bed at a decent hour. Also a very bemusing comment.

Three: I have a great husband.

Four: I need to buy more 3T onesies---does such a thing exist? Otherwise, sleepers it is for at least the next few nights.

Maybe Kingsley is heading towards interior design as a future calling? If so, I only hope he finds paint and wallpaper more attractive to work with.


Janis said...

OH NO! Kingsley and Jack are such kindred spirits - is this what I have to look forward to??

Well, on the bright side, the day can only go up from there! I hope it did.

Tati's Momma said...

OMG... This brings me back to when my nephew was 2. I was living w/my sister at the time. We put J.J. (now 11 yrs. old) down for a nap, he cried, cried, cried, then finally fell asleep... When my sister went to get him..2 hrs. later....THE WHOLE CRIB was COVERED IN POOP!!! He had a lot of fun "finger painting" before he fell asleep :( Sooo yucky!!!
Glad your hubby was there to help out!
we miss you and the boys..

TUTU Monkey said...

WOW!!! Way to see the Sunshine through the %&$$@...hehe. That crative Kingsley!!

You are right with all your new blessings!!And I saw adult size sleepers (with feet) at Target last night....also my Nephew 3 1/2 wears sleeps so they muct make them big....:) Have a wonderful day you started mine off laughing...thanks:)

Alliegatorfables said...

Ugh! Well, at least it has been done and hopefully he did not like it and won't do it again!!!!

* TONYA * said...

Honey, I feel for you after having a day this week when Flynn took off 2 poopy diapers throughout the day. The first one he went and sat on his Pottery Barn chair inserts (the covers were in the wash), that was special, the 2nd time he sat on the carpet. Yep, even more special.

Kari said...

That's out of control! You do have to keep your humor in raising kids!! I liked the advice that your friend Janice gave you... the silence was a dead give away. It reminds me of Marcos when he discovered our fish tank. He tried to lift the cover and pour in some fish flakes, and decided that it was more FUN just to dump them on top of his head instead! We were swimming in flakes!! Or when he discovered that those soft, squishy pillows are filled with FUN white little balls... he and his buddy Grace had a pillow fight and had all the insides of the pillow all over his bedroom! It looked like it had snowed in the middle of spring! Cleaning it up was a real treat as those pellets of swish were all full of static cling... they stuck to the furniture, the kids, everything!! Somehow, I would still rather clean up a mountain of fish flakes or white, squishy pellets than poop!! Hang in there... just wait to see what he does the next time he's mischievously quiet.

aettsalou said...


I love your site. The boys are adorable! It's a shame Liam and Kingsley aren't closer together. They share a lot in common. We went through the poop phase as well. We thought we'd solved the problem by putting him to sleep in a onesie (yes, they sell onesies up to size 4T at The Children's Place!), but he figured out how to take off his diaper, while leaving the onesie intact! He also learned how to get into mischief in his bathroom (imagine shea butter all over Liam, the mirror, the walls, his toys, etc.) We learned to lock his bathroom from the inside every time he goes down for a nap or to sleep at night. The latest...sneaking out of his room in the middle of the night to play on the balcony. He now has a locking doorknob (from the outside) on his bedroom door. Aah...the joy of raising boys! :)