Saturday, July 5, 2008

OK, now its July!

Oh my, now its July. I am so not getting this blogging thing down. I promise, I will try harder.

So, the big news is that we are moving. I want to move....and, I don't. We are moving to Lake County, we don't even know what city we will be living in. Lake County is just about half-way between San Francisco and Sacramento. We need to find a place to live. We must be out of this town home July 31st. We have so much to do. Jeremy needs to close cases here, close his LA and San Diego offices, sell or get rid of office furniture and equipment, etc., etc.

Jeremy accepted a position in Lake County as an attorney. Contract work, defense work. It will allow him to be home more. More Papa time. This is becoming so important, not only for the boys, but for me. I love the boys, but without much respite I find my patience wearing thin and I turn into this woman I do not want to be. When Papa is home, its like soothing salve on everything---my shortening temper and patience, Kingsley's constant need for attention and confirmation, Charlie's craving for attention and physical contact. More Papa time is sweet music to my ears. I know there is a part of Jeremy that has loved, LOVED having his own practice here in San Diego---he has been living his dream and making a real go of it, really succeeding. But he has had to travel a lot, put in long hours, work weekends--and it is starting to take a toll. Maybe the kicker was spending all of Father's Day at the office this year, I don't know. I miss him, the boys miss him and life with Papa home is so much better than without. As the boys get older, Papa time gets more and more essential.

So, Lake County offers us a more rural life, a more (hopefully) relaxed and quiet way of life. It offers wide open spaces for the boys, as well as good schools, the ability to buy a nice home with a big back-yard, and seasons and wine country...and, more Papa time.

I will miss San Diego. I think I will miss San Diego even more than I'm allowing myself to think about right now. We have been here 6 years. Both of our boys were born here. Kingsley knows his friends by name. We have connected with many, many wonderful friends through my Moms' groups here---an indescribable, invaluable network of incredible women and their children---the reason I am still sane and alive, truly. I can't bear the thought of leaving our friends here, and yet, we must. Some of my friends are set to deliver their second babies right after we move. I am completely devastated that I will miss these little human beings' entrances into the world, their infancies and, perhaps, even their toddlerhoods. Plus, I will miss helping their Moms transition from one child to two---a transition that I have found difficult, a transition in which I am so grateful to have had the support of so many of these same friends.

Well, I am going to stop here. It is late, and I am not sure if I am even making sense. We have much to do in the next month. As far as this blog, I am now hoping it becomes a meaningful way to stay connected to our many wonderful friends in San Diego---as well as our families in Wisconsin. The adventure continues!

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